R720 Portable Vertical Jumbo Cutter (with casters)


The Vertical Jumbo Paper Cutter is a popular Bulman cutter /dispenser that is designed for practical, efficient holding, dispensing and cutting of paper rolls. Roll changes can be made quickly by pulling the blade to an open position and locking it into place.

  • The vertical paper cutter holds up to 20" (50cm) diameter roll

  • Two of the four casters have locking brakes to prevent rolling while in use

  • All steel construction

  • Finished in a light gray baked powder coat

  • Ships k.d. via UPS

Material Size:

30" (75cm), 36" (80 to 90cm), 42" (105cm), 48" (120cm), 54" (125cm), 60" (150cm), 72" (160 to 180cm)

Assembled Dimensions:
H + 12 1/2" (31.75cm)
W 26" (66cm)
D 19 3/4" (49cm)

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