A697 Deluxe Razor-X Cutter


The Bulman paper cutter Deluxe Razor-X is designed for cutting and dispensing corrugated rolls, thin and thick foams, air bubble cushioning, poly films, heavy paper and cellophane products in thickness up to 7/8″. The Razor X paper cutter can be combined with a Reel Holder or made portable.

  • Bulman's Deluxe Razor-X cuts up to 3/8″ (9.525mm) thick, stiff material (like cork) while also increasing the effectiveness on thicker soft packaging materials such as bubble, foam & filter material.

  • The cutting height guard is adjustable for a thickness of 3/8″ to 5/8″ (10mm to 16mm). This feature makes changing the cutting blades easier by allowing you to remove the lower portion of the head rather than taking the stainless steel tube off the track.

  • The paper cutter is made with 4-notch titanium edged utility blades

  • Replacement blades are available for purchase.

  • Includes hold downs.

  • The Deluxe Razor X head (Part# 69500) can replace the Rotary Shear head on existing tracks, no modifications required.

Additional feature: Material does not get pulled into the track as with a traditional rotary shear blade. This means the track stays clean much longer avoiding replacements due to "clogged up" tracks. This feature is true for most forms of bubble, foam, paper, cork and single face corrugated.

Material Size:
24" (60cm), 36" (80 to 90cm), 48" (120cm), 60" (150cm)

Assembled Dimensions:
W + 15? (38cm)
H 6 1/8? (15.5cm)
D 5? (12.7cm)

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