D500 Slide Cutter


The handy slide cutter tray is the latest addition to Bulman Products paper cutters and works great for brown Kraft paper,
cling wrap, butcher paper, wax paper, wrapping paper,foam backed Kraft and other packaging materials!

  • Roll changing is fast and easy with no dowel or hold down bar needed
  • Includes rubber feet to protect surfaces
  • Holds up to 9'' (23cm) diameter roll, on any size core or without a core at all
  • Comes equipped with a handy slide cutter
  • Lightweight but durable with a sleek modern design
  • Manufactured in the USA from extruded aluminum with an anodized finish
  • Ships via UPS or FedEx

Material Size:

18'' (45cm), 24'' (60cm), 30'' (75cm), 36'' (80 to 90cm), 48'' (120cm), 60'' (150cm)

Assembled Dimensions:

Width: Size +6 5/8'' (+17cm)
Height: 1 5/8'' (4cm)
Depth: 9 1/4'' (23.5cm)

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